New Tomb Raider upcoming movie

Hey fellow Raiders!
As you all know we have a new Tomb Raider movie coming! From the Warner Brothers Studios and staring the Swedish actress Alicia Vikander on the role of Lara Croft, 2018 is going to give us a new version of this character. Even tho the events of the movie are based on both the second game of the franchise (Tomb Raider II) and the the 2013's one, this Lara is mainly based on the recent reboot of the franchise. 
Down below you'll be able to see the first official poster of the movie as well as its first official trailer.

Warner Brothers also released a video with BTS footage that you can watch right here!

You can also see that they released a new header for social media alongside with a new poster.

So, are you excited to see it? Do you think it will live up to the previous movies? Comment down bellow!
For more details about the movie, check our Movie section!



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