Have you seen the Movie? Because we did and we loved it! (SPOILER FREE)

Hey fellow Raiders! This is Edming talking!
The film just released worldwide today, but I got to watch the pre-premiere, and personaly, I just loved it!

For starters, Alicia Vikander is just great playing Lara. She is easily the best thing about the film. She manages to play a innocent Lara, but at the same, combining her with confidence and persistance, unlike the first few hours of Tomb Raider 2013. The supporting characters were also very well acted throught, but I found Mathias to be a little bit irritating and empty.
Not like many other video games to film adaptations, this one is very truthful to it's original material, in what it touches especially to the characters.

The story is very competent throught the film's runtime, leaving you always anxious to know what it has too offer you next.It draws many inspiration from the Tomb Raider 2013 Reboot and that is just great, but sadly many plot holes are in it too, leading up to the movie's biggest flaw. Although, this the biggest problem of the film, in my oppinion, I won't enter into details, because that would make me go into Spoiler territory, something that I want to avoid.
Another thing I that I found a bit weak was the soundtrack. Compared with the reboot, I found the OST to be very predictable and too Hollywood, thus, not attempting to be creative.
I also found the CG elements to be quite well done and not very noticable, considering also the film's budget.

I found this new movie to be quite the step up in video games to movies adaption. It has some flaws and it's not a monumental film also, but for many fans and action movies' enthusiasts it's a must!
(meanwhile, I'm just gonna watch it another time xD)

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