Hey fellow Raiders!
Last few have been crazy for the Tomb Raider Community, with the new upcoming movie (tomorrow is out!!) and now we just got the official announcement for the next Tomb Raider game!

Reportedly, the game will be out this September, 14th, but we still don't know the platforms on which will be available. On the picture we can see what looks to be an eclipse, but there are no details until the moment about that.
Make sure you are tunned for tomorrow, because the full anouncement will be tomorrow, according to the official Tomb Raider website.
See you tomorrow Raiders!

Lara's Fridge

We are three young Portuguese boys that grew up seeing Lara Croft as a true icon for our generation, and we created this fansite so we could share the love we have for the Tomb Raider, hoping to make a contribuition on this huge community!

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