Meagan Marie Interview on Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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Last Friday, I was invited, as well as other fans, to take a deep look at Shadow of the Tomb Raider (HERE FOR MY IMPRESSIONS) ! It was such a  great opportunity for me, as a fan, to be recognized as such, but also to get to know a member of the Tomb Raider Team.Yes, that's right, I got to meet the Senior Community Manager, Meagan Marie! She was such a good person, and I also got to ask some questions regarding the new game!

When asking her about the development struggles, she told us about how Paititi has been designed and how that brought challenges to the team. "Paititi was designed in the shape of a bowl, so anywhere you are, upper ground or not, you can see the whole city." She noted that this is the largest hub area created for a Tomb Raider title and it's three times the size of the hub area seen on Rise. "This gave the team a harder task when trying to optimize the game... ", she replied, but ensuring that Eidos Montreal did a great job in optimizing the game.

We also took the chance to ask if the fans opinion had influenced the new game, on which she replied, "We always had the structure of the narrative for the trilogy. We wanted to see Lara becoming the Tomb Raider that she was destined to be. But we always want to hear what the fans want, and with that we improve our game.". She gave some examples, like the co-op game mode on Rise and the classic skins, and for this game, Meagan told us that the Tombs introduced were influenced by the community's requests. She also revealed that, later with the Season Pass, some new treats would be unveiled.

While interviewing her, we also asked if we would see Lara becoming the Tomb Raider she was before, on which she replied saying that Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be the most nostalgic of the three. "She will still fail, and this time big, setting the Apocalypse.". She assured that Lara will not grow to be exacly the same person,"... she's not gonna go on the same adventures, like walking on The Lost Valley and there being a dinossaur, but she is definitly becoming the Tomb Raider, accepting her destiny and responsability."

We also got to play a big chunk of the game (around 4 hours long) and we simply cound't stop. But for more details on that, check out our gameplay impressions right here!

Futhermore, our friends at just wrote an in-depth piece where they interviewed Lead Writer Jill Murray and Lead Designer Heath Smith as well and hands-on gameplay impressions with the game! Check them out right here!

Edming at the far left, Meagan in the Roses dress, and the others are members of the Official Fansite Program.



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