Hey fellow Raiders. How y'all doing?

Well, we're finally here. The Angel of Darkness moment. And there is a lot in store for us, this month!

To start, in an usual fashion, the official Tomb Raider channels have released, not only one, not only two, but
three reimagined cover arts, each one with a very different style!

The first artwork, made by João, really surprised me. I think this one is the closest to the original cover art and the little details on the art are incredible.

We have the gothic artstyle that is a big thing on the game, the blue flames also present on the original cover, and more. I feel this is a ver y good cover and a deserving homage to Angel of Darkness:

The second one, is a really cute artwork, made by Caleb Graves:

The last reimagined cover art was made by Nathan, and it's quite the departure from these other two arts. There is an espionage vibe to it, with some contrasting colors. Check it out:

We loved each one of the arts, they are all incredible, but there is more!

For the past weeks, the official channels of Tomb Raider have been posting some unseen footage of the development of Angel of Darkness, like beta footage, or development reels for the various characters and environments. Check them out below:

There are more videos and reels from the development of Angel of Darkness, and the official channels have been posting more each week, so be sure to check their Twitter and Youtube if you are interested in these awesome discoveries.

For now it's all that we have for you guys!! See you soon, fellow Raiders!

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