Hello fellow Raiders! 

So today we bring you a little update, with the latest Box Art Reimagination published by the official Tomb Raider page!

We start with the Tomb Raider 3 Box Art, made by the amazing 
Zeronis, also known for his work on League of Legends.

While this cover takes quite a deviation from the original game's artworks, it is a fun take on that game, even though some things in the art, feel a bit out of place.

We also had two more reimagined covers, one for Tomb Raider : The Last Revelations, and another one for Tomb Raider : Chronicles. 
Check them out below:

This one was made by
Andy Park, that also illustrated the amazing comic book series of Tomb Raider from Top Cow Productions (early 2000's).

For me, this is artwork is amazing, it perfectly captures the vibe of "The Last Revelation", and Lara's badassness.

Finally, we have the Tomb Raider : Chronicles reimagined cover, made by Megan Lara.

This one also takes quite a different approach to the game's arts and renders. It's a fun take on Art Nouveau, but it's my least favorite of them all. I expected something a bit more actual and more related to the game's style and themes.

Not to end this in a bad note, we remind you that the next game is Angel of Darkness, and already a lot of cut material and behind the scenes are being unveiled, so don't miss our full update on this month's game!

--- Edming


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