Hello fellow Raiders. I hope you are all doing great!

We have great news to share.
A new collab has been announced! Tomb Raider content is coming to indie game PowerWash Simulator!

PowerWash Simulator is a simulation type game where players take control of a power washing business and complete various jobs to earn money, by cleaning dirt dust off of objects and buildings using different power washing tools. 

And a few months after release, the devs decided to collaborate with the Tomb Raider Team, and are now releasing a free DLC coming tomorrow, January 31st!

This DLC will include five new levels for you to clean and explore: The Croft Manor, Lara Croft's Obstacle Course and Quad Bike, Lara Croft's Jeep and Motorboat, Croft Manor's Treasure Room, and finally, the only one that hasn't been shown yet, the Croft Manor's Maze.

All the levels you can expect from this new update

Recently, the Crystal team and the devs of PowerWash also did a livestream showcasing all the levels and little details, except for the Croft Manor's Maze, which they said they wanted to keep as a surprise.

We are personally very excited for this, and possibly hoping to get a chance to explore these levels and discovering all the neat little details and secrets they packed into each place. Especially the Treasure Room, looks to be filled with neat Easter Eggs and fun little details to find. Can't wait to try it out!

Check out the announcement trailer below:

Happy Raiding!


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