All about Tomb Raider I - III Remastered new features and updates

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Aspyr Media just shared a ton of new information about the upcoming                           
Tomb Raider I - III Remastered. They shared information about the new features and updates added to the game, while still trying to keep the originals' essence.

Announced back in September 2023 on a Nintendo Direct, Tomb Raider I - III Remastered is due on 14 February on PS5 & PS4, Xbox Series Consoles & Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Features & Updates 

As stated in the blog, Aspyr have a long relationship with Lara, having developed Mac OS ports of Tomb Raider II, III, Last Revelation, Chronicles and Angel of Darkness. So as the team changed their efforts to porting outside of this platform, a revision was always in their minds.

"We’ve always wanted to revisit these titles, but we always debated the right approach. For years, we worked through the right balance of preservation and modernization. And once we felt we nailed it, we got in touch with our friends at Crystal Dynamics."

With the goal of preserving the original titles, the team at Aspyr made the decision to use the original source code and engine, they built up on top with modern features that just improve the games' quality of life.

Aspyr revealed then that an effort to modernize a bit the game was made, bringing a feature that allows you to toggle between the new Modern Controls and the original Tank Controls. For this update, they took inspiration from Legend, Anniversary and Underworld era to make Lara control even better, while also bringing Full Camera Control. We think this is a great opportunity that allows even more players to experience these masterfully crafted classics.

As seen from the picture below, the team also integrated health bars for the bosses you encounter, giving you a better sense of control while you are in a dangerous situation like this.

Unlike the originals, items you pick up on the game like health packs, ammo, weapons, will now all be full 3D models, matching the ones on your inventory.

As expected, the game will now have Achievcments that you can unlock, with team stating that more than 200 achievements were added, including a big standout: Locking Winston in Lara's Fridge! We all know what we will be doing now... 

Photo Mode has also been introduced giving you the freedom to capture amazing sights or moments. Will feature poses for Lara, a toggle between the Remastered or the Classic graphics and more. Very exciting stuff for fans of Visual Photography!

A few other standout features that have been announced will be:

  • Graphics Toggle Option   where you can change at any point, including in Photo Mode, between the OG and the Remaster visuals, akin to the Halo Master Chief Collection

  • Baked and Real-Time Lighting Effects   changes add to the immersion and mood of the environment

  • New Models, Environments and Enemies   new models have been added to keep the consistency of the modern look and features, and remastered textures have been added to give a complete new look

Aspyr went on to state that they didn't want to spoil more surprises, leaving us already feasted with a lot of great information.

Tomb Raider I - III Remastered comes out on February 14 (that's already next month!) on all modern consoles. You can find links for pre-ordering right here:

PS5 & PS4:
Nintendo Switch:
Epic Games Store:

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