Hello fellow Raiders!

Today is a very special day. Not only are we celebrating Lara's birthday but also the launch of the so awaited Tomb Raider I-III Remastered!

If you're interested on reading more about the game and its gameplay, check our previews right here!

You thought the latest game releasing today was the only good news we had for you? Well buckle up because we have more surprises to celebrate our adventurer’s birthday!

After a soft launch during February 8, Tomb Raider is relaunching their website to become a Tomb Raider HUB. This new hub is going to provide you with weekly content ranging from “franchise news, lore deep dives, and community spotlights”, with regular updates scheduled! Don’t forget to check the puzzles they have in-stored for you…

If you wish to contribute with a guest blog, please make sure to email the team at Crystal Dynamics by using the following email address: community@crystald.com .

For the first time, this website is going to air a new official membership program: the Society of Raiders! You might be thinking “what perks will this entail?”. Well, members will get access to exclusive wallpapers, monthly newsletter, and avatar rewards that they’ll receive by completing certain activities.

If you register before the 14th, you'll be able to unlock the exclusive 'Atlantean Scion' icon!

Alongside the website, Tomb Raider is collaborating with a merchandise partner to bring you official Tomb Raider Gear Store. You’ll be able to celebrate all eras of the franchise with new products every month that will be rotated regularly.

Stay tuned for more information on those products by signing up for the newsletter or by following their social media:




To make this day even more special, we might have been given a very first look of how the new unified timeline Lara will look like. Go to their newest website and check the Wallpapers section to get it or check the picture right down below!

Last but not least, be on the lookout for our small revamp to the website and maybe a future giveaway…

Until then, tell us in the comments how you feel about all of these news and how are you enjoying the remastered games!

- Skully

Img src: https://lara-croft-lovers.tumblr.com/image/170875109637

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We are three young Portuguese boys that grew up seeing Lara Croft as a true icon for our generation, and we created this fansite so we could share the love we have for the Tomb Raider, hoping to make a contribuition on this huge community!

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