Tomb Raider Legend coming to PS4 and PS5!!!

Hello fellow Raiders!

Get ready PlayStation players because today we have great news for you guys!
Tomb Raider: Legend will be coming to PS4 and PS5.

Announced earlier today, Tomb Raider: Legend will arrive to the PS2 Classics Catalog on June 11 as part of the Days of Play celebrations. And from May 29 you will also be able to redeem a free set of avatars for your PlayStation profile, including one of Lara. A number of other titles will be coming to the service as well, so if you are a subscriber, we are sure that you'll have plenty of fun on these Summer Holidays!

We note that you require a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription to access the Classics Catalog and be able to enjoy Tomb Raider: Legend in its' full glory.

Tomb Raider: Legend and the rest of the trilogy (Anniversary and Underworld) are also available to  purchase on the Xbox Store as part of Xbox's Backwards Compatibility program that offer significant improvements like better image quality and higher framerates. You can enjoy these great titles on Xbox One and Series S/X.

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