Hello fellow Raiders.

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered just received its' newest update, bringing features and fixes like the much requested In-game Outfit Selector.
Check out the full Patch Notes to find out exactly what has been fixed and improved.

Patch Notes:

  • The Outfit Selector is available from the pause menu.

The feature is unlocked specifically for each game after completing a playthrough of that game.

Once unlocked, all Outfits from all three adventures can be switched between.

It includes a toggle for Lara Croft's iconic red glasses (which is definitely the most stylish option!)

  • Using a hotkey no longer interrupts running or walking when using a thumbstick.
  • Posters of Lara Croft in “Sleeping with the Fishes” are now appearing in HD mode.
  • Various improvements to SFX have been made across all three games.
  • Improved combat in Modern Controls in all three games.
  • Improvements to Lara's model have been implemented.
  • Added the missing water caustic effects to TR1 and TR2.
  • Improved water color in “River Ganges” level in TR3.
  • Monkey bars are now more visible in High Security Compound in TR3.
  • Fixed the issue with modern controls showing the sky when the camera goes through corners.
  • Fixed an issue where Greek translations would show up too wide in some of the menus.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong texture was being used on the snowmobile in “The Cold War” level in TR2.
  • Fixed an issue in TR2 where part of the geometry was protruding into the level in “40 Fathoms.”
  • Added explosion FX for “Bartoli’s Hideout” in TR2.
  • Various improvements have been made to fire FX across all three games.
  • Fixed an issue where bats would sometimes flicker upon death in TR1.
  • Fixed game selection icons for UK players.
  • Fixed a missing window in Willard’s Lair in TR3 The Lost Artifact.
  • Added details on all ceiling openings in Temple Ruins in TR3.
  • Fixed an incorrect snow position in Caves level in TR1.
  • Fix targeting enemies while crouched in TR3.
  • Added quick save/reload hotkeys for controller players.
  • Fixed the Indra Key position in the Jungle level.

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