About Us

Hello fellow Raiders! This is the Lara’s Fridge team speaking.
We, the admins, are three young Portuguese boys that grew up seeing Lara Croft as a true icon for our generation.
We created this fansite so we could share the love we have for the Tomb Raider franchise, specially our love for Lara Croft. With this fansite, we hope to contribute to this big and wonderful community and to convince others to join us, so that the Tomb Raider’s fandom can grow more and more every day!
We also hope that, while you’re visiting our fansite, you can find everything you’re looking for about this beloved character and her journey throughout the years.
If you ever need any help or want any doubt clarified (or maybe even a suggestion for the fansite), don’t hesitate on contacting us!
Best regards,

Edming, Skull and HoneyFroot

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